Linda Bennett from Moorend Felts in Cumbria


Linda - The Artist

I have a BA Hons in Art and Design, studying at Hertfordshire University, after working in the textile industry for several years I then moved in Cumbria in 2005. I have a couple of loves, travelling and my garden. I love flowers, my garden is a bit unruly and I pack in as much colour and texture as I can, flowers are a huge influence in my work, as are Indian textiles, many of the silk prices I felt with are re-cycled silk sari's.

The Felt making Process

I specialise in a felting technique called Nuno Felting; it sounds very fancy, but it is basically felting wool into an open weave fabric. You can use muslin and cottons, but I prefer the luxury of silk.

I felt with blue-faced Leicester wool which I dye myself and use silk fibres to create beautiful silk scarves, collaged journals, brooches and unique accessories, the perfect gift. Many of the silks I use have been collected from second-hand shops, maybe over dyed to create new one-off pieces of textile art.

I also re-cycle wool jumpers giving them a new lease of life, creating wonderful corsages, brooches, wrist warmers, woolly jumper journals.

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Linda Bennett from Moorend Felts in Cumbria
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